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iTero iOC Digital Scanner

Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional putty and tray impression techniques, the impression-less scanner has become a dream come true to Invisalign patients. The iTero iOC digital scanner is the latest in orthodontic technology. This digital technology ensures more accurate impressions from start to finish, and we know that an accurate impression is absolutely critical to effective orthodontic treatment.

The process begins with a digital orthodontic scan of the patient’s mouth performed with iTero technology.  The precision delivered from this type of scan eliminates distortions commonly found in the conventional orthodontic impressions method.  The best part? The scan is done in minutes! Once the scan is complete, we will receive an iRecord digital 3D model of the patient’s teeth allowing for immediate consultations. After capturing the digital impression and the data processed has been reviewed on screen with the patient, the physical mold is then created.

Digital Impressions inevitably increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment by:

·         Decreasing rejections
·         Eliminating re-impressions
·         Reducing repeat patient visits.

Not only does the Impression-less Scanner benefit Orthodontists by enhancing productivity, the new technologically advanced method improves patient consultations and satisfaction. This quick and easy to use digital procedure provides a more pleasurable and comfortable experience for all patients seeking Invisalign or Invisalign Teen treatment.

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