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Invisalign for Adults


With a career in full swing and a life full of professional responsibilities, you realize the importance of a confident smile. Despite that realization, you are unwilling to consider any dental treatment that may compromise that confidence and bring back memories of adolescent awkwardness. Braces just are not an option. Fortunately, Invisaligns clear aligners are a great alternative to braces and in most cases, provide equally effective results. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, Invisalign aligners are also:

  • Low Maintenance: For those with a busy schedule, Invisalign aligners present a nearly set and forget solution to oral care. They are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep when compared to more traditional treatments such as braces.

  • Comfortable: Designed to be worn 20-22 hours a day, the aligners are extremely comfortable and many patients forget that they are even in.

  • Beneficial to Your Health: While a beautiful smile may be the end goal, the Invisalign system also presents a myriad of health benefits. From reducing the risk of gum and periodontal disease to eliminating jaw and joint pain, straightening your teeth through Invisalign is also a great investment in your health.

For many years, adults had few options besides braces for treating their smiles. Thankfully, Invisalign’s system of aligners has remedied that situation for the better. Today, having a beautiful smile no longer requires sacrificing your confidence and lifestyle. Call us today for a free consultation with an adult orthodontist!.

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